Flagship Supply

1454 Trade Mart Blvd Winston Salem, NC 27127  (336) 971-8211 (336) 970 -7123


                                THE DIFFERENCE

The business environment has changed in the difficult economic conditions of the last few years.  In order to help our customers compete Flagship Supply offers cutting-edge products at unbelievable prices. We warehouse a line of cabinets that guarantees our customers a turnkey solution for their cabinet needs in days. We can also custom order different colors and styles to suit your needs for larger projects. We focus on building relationships that last a lifetime.


                               IN OUR WORK

We work hard to please the individual customer and the Project Manager of large scale jobs.  With access to various cabinet styles and counter top options, we can provide a full range of kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity options. Your satisfaction is always at the top of our list of priorities.